Double Eagles not Double Standards


ASBE is similar to airplane travel, but never leaves the ground, it  has no wheels, no rails and does not carry any fuel.

This technology is  not new, in the 1960 era the British toyed with Hover trains with rails  and rails or with vertical center beam support.   None of them had the configuration of ASBE that uses airfoils and wings  for levitation or the revenue streams that ASBE employs   
Today we have no choice, but to guard ourselves against aggression  and infiltration we must secure the borders of the Americas.

That is a  military duty and our obligation to make sure it happens, 9/11 should  have been an eye opener, the perfect example  of infiltration and aggression, they infiltrated and trained with our  planes, technology and equipment to kill 3000 plus Americans. 

We are  ill prepared to deal with another attack, and must do all we can to make  sure we are doing everything in our power to  stop it.  That means we must secure the borders against all  infiltrators. 

Lets do it in a way that makes sense and improves the  safety and welfare of this Nation. 

We cannot engage in other  distractions as long as the homeland is in jeopardy..  Forget the  rhetoric and views of the socialists who refuse to secure the US, so  that their Agenda  that is Agenda 21 can take hold.  We must do what we can as Christians and Citizens before the walls close in around us.  

We have God in our corner, while they have the devil in their back yard.  Let the battle begin to bring God and sanity back into America.

It is not my intent to ask congress for the funds, rather to instil Americans with a pride of participating in what will be the greatest achievement of this century.  

Giving them a realistic opportunity for a ROI by investing in America and being part of closing the borders to those seeking the fruits of America without following the legal guidelines and requirements. 

We must fix the leaks in the wall by building  better bridges to the future .     

Louis Baker was in Miami during the Cuban immigration crisis and knows first hand how the economy and demographics changed, forcing him to flee to find meaningful employment.   

We are now seeing an erosion of American values, under the flag of World Order, led by the socialists, left wing liberals.  

We must regain our position as guaranted in the Constitution  with inalienable rights.  We as citizen christians can soar like the Eagles in the heavens above or perish in the liberal valley of slow death below.  Think of what your government will do to you with the coming incrimental political gains with those socialist  communinst mentalities, how we will combat that take over and what we must do to avoid those conditions  along with the inevatable  financial collapse headed our way, do it for God,your family and our Country. The answer is very clear, we must get them involved.   


FORTIFICATION OF THE US BORDER Longer than the Chinese wall that took 200 years to complete ASBE can be completed in less than two years, because of today’s modern machinery and our ability to pre-manufacturer the components.  The system will employ 5000 workers covering some 25 locations around the country that does not include engineers, architects or manufactures.  It is estimated that we will finish150 miles per day thatthe 9000 miles can be made ready in 600 days or less than two years.This will be the greatest achievement of the century to date and provide the ultimate security for the nation from rouge nations and at the same time deter aliens from entering the country illegally.  Construction clearly is dependent on our fast track ability to formulate the plans, prepare the landscape and foundations so we can quickly erect the components.  A Monumental task that is necessary in the face of continual attacks here and other nations or aliens.9000 miles of fortification consisting ofMultiple Military installations along the 9000 mile routeMilitary Airportsand runwaysMilitary hangarsfor planes and dirigiblesArmored ground transportsAnti-missile defense systems and silosPerimeter vesicles (ships)for early warnings and aliens Underground cave cavities for submarines Concealed housing and encampmentsRadar stationsEmergency vehiclesHospitalsand convalescence centersDrone surveillanceHorse stables Western states military academies Totally independent renewable resources Distillation of salt waterTotal recycling of waste  Louis J Baker 4-18-2019 

Double Eagles not Double Standards

American Christians ONE CAN NOT EXIST WITHOUT THE OTHER American Citizens Double Eagles                 not           Double Standards Mr. President my name is louis Baker, I have been in the Las Vegas community since 1950.  What I would like to speak to you about is something that both of the southern border countries America / Mexico  will benefit from.  it is somewhat of a compromise, but necessary to the success of securing our borders in a  multually friendly, beneficial way, providing financial, business  and security advantages as well as eliminating needless expenses of a wall or fence, along with the required maintenance, manpower and operational costs.    While I am not able to explain this in this short introductal statement, what I can say is that my proposal is more effective than a fence or wall.  It is evironmentally friendly, it does  allow new opportunities,  new infrastructures, new resources, new trade and better cooperation between the countries, that until now has been a bitterly contested free for all.    What I am suggesting  will be publicy funded and Like Hoover Dam pay for itself many times over.  It can be done with or without congressional approval or funding.  It will take mutual cooperation between the two nations, benficial to both.  My credentials are very strong in Christianity, Patriotism and speaking , being both a Christian lector an Radio/ Television  host, God has blest me with a stong voice, to proclaim his  message.  It’s through his inspiration  that allows me to step out of the envelope with this  message of unity that will reverberate through the nations, offering new hope,  new frontiers, new freedoms and fantastic opportunities that have never existed before in our two countries.  No one has suggested co-operation, perhaps because they didn’t have a feasable plan.    I look forward to being able to explain this to you personally, because I like what you said in the Review journal and  we are on the same page.      Louis J Baker 702 743-8297 

There is no seperation of state an church in America, the politicians have made that very clear,   93 acts against Christianity under Obama, continued attacks against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights under the direction of the socialist counterpart operatives in left wing society of  gloablism, with Agenda 21 / World Order, simply put, masters and slaves.  We are not part of globalism or a godless society. We came to this country to gain religeous freedom and left a repressive government, they came after us and we beat them back, history is trying to repeat itself with a different approach, but we are Nationlists who believe in God and this Country.    You should be proud to call yourself a Christian to call yourself an American because there is no such thing as an Afro-American, Mexican American, Chinese American, German Americans or any other nationality that puts their origins, roots or hertitge In front of America, its flag and culture we are all just Americans.  We don’t need or want world order, or our culture destroyed with signs, languages and barbaric religions  all aimed at the destruction of our Faith and Liberties.  The Eagle is the perfect symbol of power, freedom and determination, they make perfect parents that both care for their young and mate for life.  They care for their elderly, soar at heights unknown to other birds and protect their terrortity against any potential threat no matter how large they maybe, we must do the same.  That’s why we must have Eagle mentality.  They are not just the National Symbol, they are  symbolic in the Bible and by the way Nationlist who take care of their own!  Are you an Eagle?  a Christian? an  American Citizen? a Nationalist ? if so become a Double Eagle join the ranks  of those fighting for God and America, become a Christian soldier, a true American Patriot, as the largest Christian country in the world numbering 85-90 % of the population in America, the same is true of American citizens with 85-90% of the population, we have the numbers, but do we have the tenacity to keep America strong? Where do we draw the line?  Where do we start? put your faith in God, but remember faith without works is dead. 

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NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE STATION, FUTURE NEEDS REQUIRE FORTIFICATION ALONG THE US BORDER. TIMING IS OF THE ESSENCE.  "The president has  asked BEEN ASKED, AND ASKED, to do everything they can and everything they’re allowed to  do under the law to stop the massive crisis we have at our southern  border. It’s the same thing he says publicly day in and day out, and  it’s the same thing he says behind closed doors  to staff -- is figure out how we stop this crisis, how we fix this  problem, let’s look for every possible option to do so, and that’s what  our team has been doing." 

It's quite clear Trump is looking for the answers all we have to do is get it to him.  Lou 



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Published on Apr 8, 2018

In 1974, a French train sets a speed record, exceeding 250 miles per hour. But this train is unlike any other before it. Instead of rolling on train wheels, it hovers on a cushion of air. In the 1970’s hovertrains were seriously being considered the solution to slow, antiquated railways, which increasingly had to compete with new superhighways and even intercity air travel.   Without the rolling resistance of train wheels, hovertrains promised greater efficiency and much higher speeds. By feeding high pressure air through lifting pads, hovertrains float on a cushion of air much like a hovercraft.   One of the most widely known hovertrain prototypes was called the Aerotrain. Lead engineer Jean Bertin and his team in France, designed several versions, including one that could carry 80 passengers. The i80HV was powered by a turbofan sourced from an airliner, producing over twelve thousand pounds of thrust.   At the front, a 400 horse power gas-turbine supplied high-pressure air to hover the twenty loaded train a quarter of an inch off its guideway. The British and Americans also experimented with hovertrain technology, incorporating the linear induction motor for improved efficiency. British research led to the development of the RTV-31 Tracked Hovercraft, and the American’s developed several prototypes, culminating in the development of the Urban Tracked Air Cushion Vehicle (UTACV). 

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